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Ok so there is no template ( its a private seller, but I just love this so much )

Well, what can i say?

Have you a Ship or one hell of a size  Yacht.
If you have and you are short of a Rope to make sure it does not stray I have just the thing for you.
The story,there has to be one.Especially as I have just left the Smugglers arms where many a story is told as the rum goes down.
It was a freezing cold day last winter during a ferocious hailstorm.A howling gale was blowing,the sea spray and particles of sand were stinging my face as I ventured down to the shoreline to do my daily beachcombing.Anyone who knows the coastline will know how that feels.
Like being stung by an army of biting ants.
Sand,Hail,driven in by a storm force wind from a storm far out at sea.
You could hardly move.
The Seafoam was feet deep, then the fog rolled in as the wind started to abate.
Through the murkiness, i spotted this soaking wet piece of Rope.Hoping it was not attached to anything i pulled it in.I mean just imagine if it had been attached to something.
Pleased with my discovery i carried it home on my shoulder water dripping and soaking me through to the skin, which took many hours through the village of Bispham in Lancashire.
And it took me some recovering from such a task,i can tell you that.
Trouble is since then i have not known what to do with it though i have many ideas.
One involves using it for taking my Driftwood Ostrich come Dinosaur for a walk.
A massive lead.
So i thought to myself i know I will present it to someone out there in Webland.
Whether someone who has an artistic flair,or a ship,or boat in need of a Rope i know someone out there at this very moment is thinking hard and their brain is working overtime and knows exactly what they could do with it.
So i present it to you and am going to auction this rope.Starting at a very low price of 9.99.
So let us have some fun.I will have to guestimate the postage for now.Firm postage up when bidding is finished.But it will be the lowest i can find.
What i will tell you it is 4 inches all round-10 cm and 1 and a half inches across-4cm roughly.
And roughly 60 feet long roughly 18 metres.
Enough for now,i can hear you saying.I can take no more of this Tale Of The Shoreline.
So i will now retire back to The Smugglers’ Arms to have another rum or two.
Thanks for looking.Happy bidding.I hope someone wants this rope to tie up their boat,ship,barge,rowing boat etc,etc,etc.Or to use for some artistic purpose.
I will return perhaps with another Tale Of The Shoreline.
All my finds have a story behind them.
Bye for now.

best ebay description ever