Save time and cross promote your other items

Uber ebay listing tool

One page list to ebay, saves you time.

List direct to ebay

Cross promotion

Image hosting

Fully approved ebay application


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Front Page Banner Manager

Don’t get stuck with the same banner since you had your design done.

With our banner management system you can change your shop banner to whatever and whenever you like.

Set image transition effects, add links and even set the order of banner you would like to display and many other features. Easy to promote your products and seasonal deals.

No need to pay extra fees just to change a banner.

Feedback As Product Reviews

Imagine being able to show a user all the feedback you have received for a specific item, our system displays all the positive feedback you have received for the item they are looking at.

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Cross Promotion You Control

Cross Promotion Management All our Pro or Enterprise clients item template page designs feature a “you may like section”, we offer two options for the management of this section.

The first is set and forget, when you list your item you can enter a keyword and all your listings that contain that keyword are automatically displayed, items that end are automatically removed and new items are automatically added.

Widget in action…

Smart Promotion Gallery

Smart cross  promotion management. You can call up any item at any time and change the items displayed in the you may like section, for example you may be looking to move a large number of a certain range of stock. You would be able to show these special items in your other listings therefore creating more exposure to these items. Read More

Responsive Ebay Shop Design

In 2013 ebay went on record as stating its top priority was to ensure the site design was mobile responsive. We have worked to make our own ebay shop designs and ebay templates responsive as well. March 2014 we launched our first ebay responsive item template. Read More

Advanced Ebay Item Search Filters

For some product ranges providing buyers with product filters can help to filter the products that best suit there requirements.
Our search filters are custom built and the results are dynamic as in that they will pick all items in your store that match the buyers choices.

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