ebay smart gallery

Getting a user to one of your items on ebay gives you an opportunity to make a sale, and while the user is on your page you have their attention. With our stand you may like tool you can set variables such as a keyword and all related items that contain the keyword in the title will be automatically displayed.

With our smart gallery tool, you can make an unlimited number of item profiles, these item profiles can then be added to selected items.

Item profiles are groups of items that will be displayed in the you may like section, some example applications for the ebay smart gallery app

Example 1

To build a complete the look section for a cloths seller. They could be listing a pair of jeans and they could then add in a shirt and pair of shoes that would complete a outfit.

Example 2

Seller sells a wide range of items and has just got a large shipment of special offer items, these could be displayed on all items therefore bringing in more exposure for the offer.

Example 3

Deal of the week, the you may like section could be named deal of the week and sellers would be able to offer special deal items across all of there live items.