ebay faceted search filters

Search filters are now a part of most modern websites, ebay uses them on categories to help buyers narrow down from a large list of related items.
Example if a shopper was looking for shoes and their shoe size was a 5 then they would not really be interested in looking at a shoes that are only in available in a 6, 7,8.

If the shopper was only interested in a size 5 that was a certain colour,  a certain style the only way for the user to find the the shoes that match their requirements is to trawl through a sellers shop.

Now if the seller had not categorised their shoes correctly and they had a number of shoes, chances are the buyer would not spend a great deal of time searching for the pair they want.

If however they could simple choose
and the relevant pairs were loaded as they made each selection the user is a much more likely to
A Check out the shoes that match their search criteria
B Spend more time browsing as a result of not being shown to many pairs they have no interest in

Price filtering is also helpful for buyers who have a set amount to spend.

Faceted search allows your prospective buyers to drill down to the exact items they want, ideal for a wide range of market sectors everything from automotive parts to fashion.

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